Acquire Physical Therapy For Neck Pain Relief and Re-injury

Date4/11/2022 1:32:10 PM
Frequent neck pains can end up causing frustration. At Optimal Motion Physical Therapy in Herndon, VA, we are ready to provide specialized treatments like exercises and manual therapy to promote neck pain relief and relieve stiffness. Neck pain can result from accident injury like whiplash, muscle strain due to poor posture, herniated disc, or degenerative disc disease. We firmly believe that finding the exact cause behind your pain paves the way for the right type of physical therapy treatments. Our licensed physical therapists review your medical history and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the location and intensity of pain. With the results obtained from the assessment, they will create your treatment plan that includes targeted neck stretches to improve flexibility, strengthening exercises to strengthen the neck muscles, manual therapy to enhance mobility, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound therapy. We also focus on correcting your posture to prevent re-injuries. Visit to schedule an appointment or dial 703-665-1444.
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