Date4/12/2022 3:23:15 PM
PriceUSD 370.00
WAIST HEIGHT TURNSTILE carries a 2 years warranty and durable maintenance and repair support.
We can provide OEM and ODM services. We also provide biometric devices, such as IC/ID card readers, fingerprint scanners, QR code scanners, face recognition cameras, and so on. If you need to integrate these devices on the full height turnstile gate or have any questions, please contact us

waist height turnstile is a kind of tripod turnstile gate, which height reaches the waist height of normal people. You can also understand that it is equivalent to the tripod turnstile gate. It has various characteristics of a tripod turnstile gate. Waist high turnstiles are made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, which is durable and not easy to deform. The blocking and releasing are achieved by rotation.

Tripod Turnstile offers a reliable and efficient method to ensure only authorized users are allowed access to each area of a building.

Waist height turnstile is a compact and cost-effective entrance solution.
The tripod turnstile waist height turnstile has fully rainproofed 304 stainless steel housing, which is rust-resistant, solid, and durable.
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