Traffic Spikes Hydraulic Tyre Killer For Sale MT632-S

Date4/12/2022 3:19:38 PM
PriceUSD 2,230.00
Tyre killer price in Pakistan carries a 2 years warranty and durable maintenance and repair support.
The tyre killer belongs to the equipment for controlling the passage of road vehicles. It can be equipped with a vehicle detector, ground induction coil, and infrared induction. It can be used together with the parking barrier gate access control system or alone. if you want to buy a tyre killer or traffic spikes, please contact us

The tyre killer adopts the machine flying area moving technology, which has the advantages of mandatory tire breaking interception, strong load-bearing and tire breaking capacity, simple and flexible operation, mechanical transmission, stable and fast action, low noise, strong traffic capacity, safety and reliability, strong load-bearing capacity, stable lifting and so on.

Application places: channels for vehicles that need to be controlled in special places such as customs, border inspection, logistics, ports and docks, prisons, Treasuries, nuclear power plants, military bases, key government departments, airports, and so on; The purpose of effectively preventing vehicles from forcibly punching cards.

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