What are automatic bollards?

Date4/12/2022 11:14:28 AM
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What are automatic bollards?
With the gradual improvement of our safety awareness and the continuous improvement of intelligent access control technology, automatic bollards are widely used in various places. Compared with the heavy road blocker, the automatic bollards are more flexible and safety is more guaranteed. So what are automatic bollards?

Automatic bollards are a kind of traffic safety equipment for controlling the passage of road vehicles and can be used together with the parking barrier gate access control system or separately, which are also called electric bollards, electric rising bollards, hydraulic bollards, automatic rising bollards, automatic retractable bollards, rising security bollards. Automatic bollards are widely used in road intersections, toll stations, government agencies High-grade residential areas, and other places with security requirements.

The automatic bollards are designed and developed to prevent unauthorized vehicles from forcibly entering the sensitive area, which has high practicability, reliability, and safety. Through the restriction on passing vehicles, the automatic bollards ensure the traffic order, that is, the safety of main facilities and places. It can not only be used together with the gate control system but also be used alone.

Automatic bollards can manage pedestrian traffic, protect critical infrastructure, set boundaries and distinguish roads. When the automatic bollards cannot work normally or the internal components are damaged, and the motor cannot automatically power off, manually press the stop button and report for repair in time to prevent the motor from being damaged due to long-term operation. The daily maintenance, regular inspection, and maintenance of the electric bollards equipment are the basis and necessary to ensure that the equipment can be in good working efficiency.

The intelligent remote control system built in the automatic bollards will provide users with safer anti-collision protection.
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