Choice Wraps Blue car wrap Vinyl Wrap for MERCEDES BENZ

Date4/13/2022 6:20:19 AM
3M 1080-G378 Gloss Blue Raspberry car wrap Vinyl Wrap for MERCEDES BENZ. Dual cast wrap film to create a cool and distinctive look. Smooth vinyl film finishes that grab attention with a strong dazzling effect. We use materials that offer both performance and versatility. All vinyl is ‘cast vinyl’ or ‘multi cast vinyl’. Either the multilayered film incorporates a clear protective layer, or we apply an overlaminate. Choice Vehicle Wraps love working with vinyl and wrapping cars. Our coloured vehicle wraps are 100% Avery or 3M cast or multi-cast vinyl. Comparable to a high-end paint job, a wrap will last 7-10 years. Choice Wraps is a South Edmonton car wrapping shop that specializes in affordable partial wraps and full wraps on exotic car.
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