5 Best Paying Business Analytics Jobs of 2022

Date4/14/2022 9:00:57 AM
To quote the Gartner analyst, Jorgen Heisenberg, “Analytics is no longer IN the business, analytics IS the Business.” As Data Analytics takes center stage, the demand for data analysts is at an all-time high. Learners have shown peculiar interest in Masters and Executive MBA in Business Analytics courses provided by some of the best free online certification course providers like UniAthena. Today, we look into the top 5 in-demand careers & their roles in business analytics.

Business Data Analyst

• Analyzing the organization’s data for multiple objectives
ex. Improvements at the production, ideation, marketing, and branding level

Project Analyst

•Assisting the Project Manager with the entire project development life cycle
• Identifying KPIs to determine the project performance

Market Research Analyst
• Keeping an eye on market trends and utilizing them to boost sales while aiming for market expansion

Human Resource Analyst

• Working in coordination with the HR department
• Performing regular employee audits based on data
• Strong communication skills required

Supply Chain Analyst
• Identify and remove the lacunas in the supply chain stages
• Active negotiation and conflict resolution

Online EdTech platforms such as UniAthena have a wide range of courses dedicated to Business Analytics. This consists of an Executive MBA from UCAM, Spain, and an extended Diploma from SQA, UK. Moreover, there’re 2 PG Diplomas offered by CIQ, UK, and GMU, Italy, respectively. Additionally, it provides 5 free to access short certification courses at an exclusive 50% discount. You can register for the courses here
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