Plastic Cover for Trash Cans with Elastic Rubber Band

Trash Smell Buster Plastic Cover Eliminates Odor. - It works exactly like shower caps, but only for Trash Cans. - The TSB fits around the trash can and keeps foul odor from leaking trash bags. TSB is made from durable plastic material and typically lasts several months and designed for outdoor and indoor.

ELIMINATE ODOR: Eliminates odors for outdoor and indoor trash cans.
DIFFERENT SIZES: Available in 32, 64, and 95-gallons trash can size. Please choose the correct size while ordering.
WORKS LIKE SHOWER CAP: The Trash Smell Buster fits around the trash can and keeps foul odor escaping from trash cans.
DURABILITY: Made from durable plastic material
DESIGNED and SHIPPED FROM USA: This product is shipped from USA
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