Pure Matcha Green Tea - Naked Syrups

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Experience the heart of the Japanese way of tea and celebrate it traditionally with our matcha tea. From specially-grown and processed green tea leaves, matcha is a fine ground powder enjoyed by all walks of life.
Our Matcha is 100% fine powdered green tea that serves as a clean source of energy without the presence of sugar content, caffeine, and unknown chemicals. Don't worry though, a scoop of Naked Syrups' matcha tea still contains the same caffeine found in an espresso, but your energy lasts for hours!
Having a sip of tea is now a lifestyle. Here's what our tea can do to your body:
• Encourages relaxation and mental clarity
• Great for immunity
• Burns calories
• Improve heart health
• Makes you smarter
You know authentic matcha when you see one. Our very own product is a highly concentrated uniquely vibrant green tea like no other. Taste the smooth, mellow texture of our matcha tea by dropping your orders at 02 8711 3660.
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