GFG76-411H Tablet gas hob, tempered glass cook top 76cm 4 bu

Date4/27/2022 3:20:16 PM
Dimple GFG tablet hob features free-installation. You don't have to worry about cutting a hole in your table. The Aluminum alloy frame has multiple color options, making it better to match other kitchen appliances. It comes with optional enameled and cast-iron pan support, with different shapes for your choice. You can choose different buttons as well. The black tempered glass panel not only displays a stylish design, but also withstands high temperatures up to 800℃. It has the thinnest body in the industry with only 28 mm. Featuring upper air combustion, our gas hob can reach 66% efficiency. It satisfies multi-task cooking, now you can enjoy entertaining your guests. Free installation, slim body, high efficiency, Dimple tablet hob offers you an amazing cooking experience.
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