Brazil "From North to South" - Tourism & Gastronomy

Date4/29/2022 6:12:03 PM
PriceUSD 29.00
Get to know the typical foods and the most amazing places in each region and each state of brazil even without leaving home. More than 250 illustrative and explanatory pages of a brazil like you have never seen. The whole brazil in the palm of your hand.

“From North to South” is a very popular expression and is used to define the level of coverage of something in the country. Therefore, this book is for you who want to know Brazil “From North to South” through this spectacular guide even if you cannot travel now. And this book is also for you who already want to hit the road, but still have doubts about where to start or don’t know the places you’re going to visit.

You can start your journey now without leaving your home. Create a list of the most beautiful places and places you want to visit, foods you want to try, make your itinerary, plan yourself. And when the time comes, you’ll be ready to embark on this spectacular adventure called BRAZIL!
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