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Date5/2/2022 1:51:51 PM
A once-in-a-life opportunity, for a
lifetime of happiness.

Nestled amid acres of greenery and located in the burgeoning neighbourhood of North Bengaluru, just off IVC Road. Century Greens is that perfect blend between you and the nature that surrounds you. A stroll through the parks at dusk or a heart warming family brunch on a Sunday, it is a moment to pause and cherish the small pleasures of life, at home.
Few things are designed to be better.
And, green.

The A-khata, BIAAPA approved, plotted development offers you a green paradise with an abundance of lush green landscapes, parks, gardens and more. Meticulously-designed common areas, driveways and amenities, form the perfect layout for your dream home to be a part of.
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