Large Superfine Mahadeva Shiva Brass Statue

Date5/3/2022 1:04:49 PM
PriceUSD 55,113.00
A life-sized Lord Shiva statue for the home or office of the finest devotee. Sculpted from brass and given a sturdy finish, the big Lord Shiva statue that you see on this page is fit to be installed outdoors. It depicts the great Adiyogi Shiva seated in lalitasana on a mound of the Himalayas. A tigerskin asana lies beneath Him. While it is common iconography to depict the ascetic Shiva in a standing or walking stance, this brass Shiva murti has a serene, seated posture. The right hand is raised in blessing. Wound around the wrist is a venomous snake with its hood raised ominously. In fact, Lord Shiva wears these snakes around His neck and limbs like adornment. The trishoola (trident) is an integral part of Shiva’s iconography. At its neck is a minuscule damroo. Next to the trishoola-damroo ensemble is a pile of the Lord’s matted locks, within which nestles Devi Ganga Herself. Another snake with no less than three raised hoods bares its fangs upon the world from the coils of Shiva’s hair.
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