Ganesha-Hanuman Composite Deity Panchaloha Bronze

Date5/4/2022 10:51:46 AM
PriceUSD 1,645.00
The work of art you see on this page is a powerful confluence. It is a fusion of the innocence and wisdom of Lord Ganesha with the strength and prowess of Lord Hanuman. The former has the gigantic head of the gentle elephant, the latter the protruding jaw of the clever monkey. A fine blend of the two makes for a composition so unusual, that it would be a one-of-a-kind addition to any private space or temple. It is a fine bronze murti that stands on a traditional inverted-lotus pedestal. Handpicked from Swamimalai, the hallmarks of Southern make - high-precision finish, skillful attention to detail, and iconography that is replete - are intact. Behind the tall fusion crown on the head of the composite deity flourishes the tail of Lord Hanuman. While Lord Ganesha has four arms (two of which are visible in this murti), Lord Hanuman has two (only one visible here). Conch and broken tusk in the hands of the former, goad balanced in the crevice of the elbow of the latter. Zoom in on the face to appreciate the finesse with which the confluence has been brought out, from the characteristic shapes of their respective ears to the angulate of the eye to the viewer. Note the halves of the Shaivite and Vaishnavite tilaks in the midst of the brow. Finally, the trunk of Lord Ganesha has been carved in whole, its tip grazing the palm of Lord Hanuman.
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