Predictive Dialer Software

Date5/5/2022 10:50:18 AM
Asterisk2voip offer predictive dialer software for maximize agent productivity and minimize worries of idle time. It’s designed to increase agents’ efficiency by calling as many leads as possible. The system quickly moves on to the next lead after an unanswered call. Calls answered, on the other hand, are quickly routed to the next available agent. This guarantees more productive talk time, ensuring improved productivity for the call center. With virtually zero idle time, this system of dialing ensures the highest agent productivity and is therefore the fastest option for outbound calling.
- Real-time Dashboard
- Campaign Management
- User Management
- Call Recording
- Carrier Management
- All Types of Reports
- Press 1 Campaign
- DID Management

We provide demo of our Predictive Dialer. Watch our demo and then contact us.
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Contact : +91 9624022999
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