Happy 5th Year Anniversary Robert A. Fontana & Mark Henry Ha

Mark Henry Harbermeyer of Layton, Utah and Robert A Fontana of the Aspen Dental aka The Aspen Group TAG now of Chicago, Illinois!
Exactly five years ago today Mark you were getting ready to place a permanent crown in my mouth when you said out loud, “I see an exposed nerve”. My one and ONLY question was, “How did it happen”? Mark you didn’t answer me. Instead you left the room, instructed your hygienist to go ahead and slap permanent glue on to a permanent crown and have her without a license jam that prosthetic tooth over my exposed nerve, while you were busy in your office writing lies in my chart notes. You said in your handwriting, “and she hit someone”. Hmm that someone Mark, just curious why you omitted a name. Oh I know. You couldn’t find anyone to lie to join in on the fun, right Dr. Harbermeyer??
Robert A Fontana of the Aspen Group TAG Chicago, IL, I will never shut up until I die or you finally pay me for this atrocity that has lingered in my life every single day for five years. When Bob when? Until then, please stop going to Aspen Dental or TAG you’re it!
Linda R.
Happy Five Year Anniversary Robert Fontana and Mark Henry HarbermeyeR!
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