Insurance Buying Tips

Date5/11/2022 7:45:20 AM
 405 735 5510 405 735 5510
405 735 5510405 735 5510
It is important that you know your agent and understands where the agent is coming from. Many agents want to hear the prospective client say "yes," so the agent gets stuck in the mindset of offering a cheaper policy instead of teaching the client how to purchase or buy the right policy. They operate under the rule that "No sale equals no commission." An agent you know well will help you get the proper coverage. The agent should not focus on price, and neither should you. Insurance often consumes fifteen percent of our budget, but insurance is our blind spot. We need insurance to cover us for a potential loss. The potential loss that must be insured is different for everyone—knowing and trusting an agent, except when the agent doesn't want you to hire an insurance lawyer when you have to present a claim. When you file a claim, an agent is concerned with their "claims ratio," and often, the loyalty your agent has for you often evaporates.
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