Meet Your Skin Pests. 😳

Date5/14/2022 11:20:38 AM
-Let me introduce you to them: Demodex mites.

-Let me give you an example:

-Your garden is lush and fresh as long as the pests are controlled. But when they overgrow, they will take control of the situation, consume essential nutrients, and leave little for the plants to grow.

-The result is a depressing garden, dormant and diseased plants.

-Our skin is like a garden where many pests live naturally. As long as their population is not large, they do not cause any problems as they are part of the skin's ecosystem.

-But if they grow too much, they start to plunder the skin's resources and not leave much for the skin and hair's health.

-So it is vital to control your skin pests. In fact, one of the most important pests of your skin is Demodex.

-Ungex is one of the professionals in removing Demodex mites. Trust us to kill your skin pests and restore its health.

Demodex Mite Density Test
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Most people have found the results of their Demodex population density by answering these carefully crafted questions.
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