Which Facial Skin Issues Are Associated with Demodex Mites?

Date5/15/2022 8:07:05 AM
We can say that Demodex may be involved in all kinds of diseases that affect the facial area.
Read the following carefully and see if you detect traces of Demodex on your face?!
Seborrheic dermatitis: An inflammation of the skin that causes flaking, redness, and itching.
Rosacea: Redness and inflammation of the facial skin, especially in the central part. The disease may also affect the eyes.
Blepharitis: the chronic inflammation of the eyelid that usually affects both eyes and recurs frequently.
Perioral dermatitis: the chronic rash that often appears around the mouth. The affected area is usually red, scaly, uneven, and slightly itchy.
Chalazion: A lump on the eyelid caused by chronic infection of glands that secrete eyelid softeners.
PROCUTiN is not symptom-specific. This means that if you have any of the above symptoms - if Demodex causes them - PROCUTiN will help you get rid of them.

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