La Newyorkina

Date5/20/2022 2:52:49 AM
61 Commerce St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

At La Newyorkina, we are dedicated to sharing and celebrating the sweetness of Mexico. We are proud to serve you with plenty of pre-order delicious Mexican sweet desserts. An authentic Mexican Bakery right in Brooklyn. Try our delicious Mexican Churros, Pan de Muerto, Rosca de Reyes, Tres Leches, and much more! Just place your order and we’ll be glad to serve you with these and more traditional, mouthwatering Mexican sweets.
You can also grab a tasty ready-to-go paletita or ice-pop, and fall in love with our incredible ice creams (best in town I hear). And we honestly encourage you to delight yourself with our Mexican Chamoyadas and Mangonadas; trust us, you won’t regret it.
Come visit us at 61 Commerce St, Brooklyn, and enjoy the delicious summer treats we have for you.

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