Best Gynecologic Oncologist in Hyderabad | Dr Ravichander

Date5/22/2022 4:23:21 PM
Each gynecologic cancer is unique with different signs & symptoms and different treatment approaches. Most of the cancers in early stages are treated with surgery. Advanced stages may be treated with Radiotherapy or chemotherapy, with surgery forming a part of treatment. Dr. Ravichander is the Best Gynecologic Oncologist in Hyderabad and Expertise in Breast Cancer, HIPEC, Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery, Cancers of the Head & Neck, Gynecologic Cancers. He is one of the best Gynecological Cancer doctor in Hyderabad.

Address: Continental Hospitals, Plot No, 3, Rd Number 2, Financial District, Nanakaramguda, Telangana 500032.
Phone: 9177242422
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