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Date5/23/2022 3:32:40 AM
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(0253) 2381 429(0253) 2381 429
Zinc phosphate primers are steel primers formulated with zinc phosphate, a mineral that provides preventive or active corrosion protection to protect the steel substrate from corrosion. They work differently than other types of rust protection. Zinc phosphate primers are available in single pack or two-pack products

Epoxy zinc phosphate is used to make epoxy primers and sealers that have a non-porous finish. They are recommended as the first base coat on bare steel. These base coats or epoxy primers are also used on fiberglass, plastic or black iron phosphate primers.

Zigma's Paint Zinc Phosphate Primers is used in various industrial applications and is highly effective due to its long-lasting effect, quick drying and long shelf life.

This primers is excellent for priming both aluminum and ferrous metals. and also ideal for spot repair of damaged coatings.

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