Types Of Ocean Equipment Used For Oceanographic Surveys.

Date5/24/2022 9:37:33 AM
A wide range of ocean survey equipment types can be used for oceanographic surveys. We have listed some of these types of equipment and their purpose below.

1. Since the light cannot illuminate much below the oceans, ROV lights are used on remote vehicles.
2. The ultra short baseline is a positioning system used to guide and track something in particular underwater.
3. An acoustic doppler profiler is another piece of equipment used to study the speed of ocean currents at different depths.
4. Sonars are used to study if there is any obstruction or not. Also, they are used to calculate the depth of different obstacles, their size, positions, etc.
5. Thermal equipment types are used to understand temperature differences at different depths underwater. Typically, as you go deeper, the temperature will continue to drop.
6. Lower landers are vehicles used to transport any type of equipment to the bottom of ocean floors. They are almost similar to ROVs, but their structures are different.
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