High-altitude Crawler Type All-terrain Snow and Ice Removal

Date5/24/2022 4:41:13 PM
PriceUSD 35,000.00
Place of Origin: Gui Yang,Gui Zhou,China
Brand Name: Jonyang
Certification: ISO9001:2015;ISO14001:2015
Crawler type all-terrain snow and ice removal vehicles is based on our company's all terrain vehicle. The front body is equipped with snow removal panels and the rear part with a spreader. Can stable, fast, and efficient snow removal. To ensure the regular use of the vehicle in cold and high-altitude areas. The vehicle has been tested at altitudes greater than or equal to 4500m and has its low temperature starting device, so it can still be started normally, even at -40 degrees;
Price: US$35,000.00-US$40,000.00
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