All-natural Cocoa Powder - Naked Syrups

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After a thorough process of cracking the beans into nibs, then finely grounded, Naked Syrups' cocoa powder is guaranteed to bring the best of your drink menu. This higher-quality cocoa powder keeps more cocoa butter than the regular ones. No wonder this natural chocolate product adds a savoury chocolate flavor to beverages and desserts.
Instead of serving simple refreshments, raise up your game with this decadent flavour. Unsweetened, overly delicious, and perfectly balanced! This is a versatile pantry staple for a wide variety of baked goods and drinks.
Here are more descriptions of our product:
• Made out of a high-grade African cocoa
• Vegan-Australia Certified
• Australian-Made
• Gluten-free
• For hot or cold beverages
Chocolate fanatics, buy Naked Syrups' cocoa powder to give your menu a dash of excitement and extra oomph. Find out how our product is unique from the rest by talking to our team at 02 8711 3660
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