An Options at End of Life Hospice Palliative Care Facility

Date6/7/2022 4:23:29 PM
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Most people are not aware that there is an actual difference between hospice and palliative care. The main difference between hospice and palliative care is the “end of life” (EOL) phase of the disease process for a patient. While most patients with terminal diagnoses are admitted to hospice facilities for continuous care throughout their final months of life, some patients may be referred to palliative care (PC) where they receive medical evaluation and treatment until death occurs.

We have a very successful Hospice and Palliative Care Facility in our community. It is a private facility that provides hospice and palliative care for patients who are terminally ill and have less than six months to live.

The facility has several programs designed to meet the needs of its patients and their families. It offers:

24-hour nursing staff
Medical team that includes physicians, nurses, social workers
Personal care such as bathing, dressing and eating
Emotional support

If you have questions about hospice care for your loved one, please contact us today.
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