Imitation Earrings Manufacturer and Wholesaler in the USA

Earrings are an all-time favourite piece of artificial jewellery in India for all women. It is a type of imitation jewelry that can be perfectly paired with any type of attire, be it traditional or western. You can never go wrong with earrings. Almost every woman wears some kind of earrings daily. Great earrings alone can make even a plain outfit look amazing. Mangalmani Jewellers, the leading imitation earring manufacturers in the USA, have all styles of Indian wholesale jewellery such as earrings, Jhumki, Kundan necklace sets, wholesale bangles, and ad jewellery. Earrings are available in different shapes and sizes. Their vibrant colors and designs with great jewels make them a must-have for your jewellery collection.

The following are the collections of artificial earrings online available for Make-To-Order Service from us:
Jhumki jewellery
Indian Jhumkas are an essential element when it comes to traditional jewellery sets. You won't find women who don't own a classic pair of Jhumki earrings. The Jhumki earrings we provide are specially designed and crafted. These jhumki can be worn at traditional events.
WEIGHT: 100 g
DIMENSIONS:7cm X 5cm X 2cm
PLATING: Mehandi/Gold/Rhodium
STONE: Reverse AD
WORK: Traditional
PACKAGE DETAILS:1 Pair Of Jhumki Earring

Mint Meena Earrings
Mint Meena Earrings are one of the unique types of earrings. The uniqueness of these earrings is their design. These exclusive earrings are only available from one of the best imitation earrings manufacturers in the USA.
WEIGHT: 100 g
DIMENSIONS:7cm X 5cm X 2cm
PLATING: Micro Gold Plating
STONE: Kundan & Cz
WORK: Hand Paint Meena

Polki Earrings
Polki Earrings adds an attractive look to you by wearing these outstanding brass-made Polki earrings which have Ethnic work on it. The design of the earrings is special and praiseworthy.
WEIGHT: 100 g
DIMENSIONS:7cm X 5cm X 2cm
PLATING: Gold/Mehandi/Rhodium
STONE: Reverse Ad
WORK: Ethnic
PACKAGE DETAILS:1 Pair Of Earring\

By wearing these amazing earrings, you will add a noticeable look to your The design of these earrings is different and commendable. You can wear this kind of jewellery or earrings at traditional or cultural events or festivals.
WEIGHT: 100 g
DIMENSIONS:7cm X 5cm X 2cm
PLATING: Gold/Mehandi/Rhodium
Material: Copper
STONE: Ad Stone
WORK: Reverse AD
PACKAGE DETAILS:1 Pair Of Studs Earring

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