How to get hail claim? Decide with Brown-O'Haver

Date6/13/2022 12:30:16 PM
Insurance companies must hate Hail Claims, and insureds do not like them. While insurers have been collecting premiums in anticipation of such claims, many businesses make money from hail claims. At Brown O'Haver, we have the normal "weather chaser contractors" who pack up and head to the next big hail location. Some of them even start chasing before the storm is over.
State-compiled stats show when a lawyer or public adjuster gets involved; a Hail claim can bring in payments to customers between $25,000.00 to $35,000. Without a lawyer or public adjuster involved, a claim may pay around $ 8,000.00.
If you are wondering how to get the right amount for your hail claim, contact experts at Brown O'Haver we can help you get the right amount.

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