Crompton Greaves 4" Single Phase Submersible 100W15RA3TP 3.0

Crompton Greaves 4W15E3J is an energy efficient submersible pump from crompton greaves which saves power & electricity bills. This sibmersible pump is with designed with modular construction make sit ease in assembling and dismantling. Copper winding wire used in the motor is insulated with special water resistant PVC.
This pump is made up of stainless steel stator thus it is rust preventive. Epoxy coated rotor provides rust prevention & longer life to its motor.

Features :-

Better design - Better efficiency - Low power consumption
Silent running
Light weight - Ease in installation
Reliable in operation
Dynamically balanced rotor - vibration free, longer life & better efficiency
Totally enclosed, water filled, squirrel cage induction motor
NRV fitted in discharge outlet to prevent backflow
specially designed thrust pad - longer life
Corrosion and abrasion resistant parts are made of stainless steel, high strength engineering polymers and special alloy materials.
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