5 Successful Entrepreneurs In India Under 25

Some of the youngest entrepreneurs in India have proved that age doesn't matter when it comes to knowledge and innovation. These entrepreneurs have touched the sky of success through their innovative ideas even before turning twenty five. We found top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs in India are-

1. Tilak Mehta

Company: Papers and Parcels
Year Founded: 2018
Area of Expertise: Courier Services

One of the youngest entrepreneurs of India who succeeded even before turning 18. Tilak Mehta is founder of ‘Papers and Parcels’–an app-based digital courier company that provides same day parcel services. He partnered with the Mumbai Dabbawalas to ensure the same-day delivery of goods at a low and affordable cost within the region of Mumbai. The company offers door pick-up and delivery services even for small items. We could never think of such an innovative and expressway of delivering goods at such affordable cost.

2. Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran

Company: Go Dimensions
Year Founded: 2011
Area of Expertise: Software

It is impossible to believe that a 10 year’s old kid can develop gaming apps instead of playing games. These tech brothers have co-founded the company called Go Dimensions–a development unit at their home at the age of 10. Till now these duo has developed 11 gaming applications, out of which 7 apps are available in the Apple store, and the other 3 apps are available in Google’s Play store. The latest app developed by these duo has been launched in the Windows Mobile store. Some of the most popular apps developed by the duo are Color Palette, Alphabet Board, Catch Me Cop, and Prayer Planet with more than 36000+ downloads yet.

3. Advait Thakur

Company: Apex Infosys India
Year Founded: 2015
Area of Expertise: Technology

Advait Thakur launched his first website at the age of nine. India’s primarily involved in the AI, ML, and IoT sector providing digital solutions. Being an exceptional leader and innovator, Advait holds the 4th rank under the ‘Wikia’s Young Entrepreneurs Under 20 List’ of 2017 and apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Currently, he is the CEO of Apex Infosys India, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India under twenty five, where Advait Thakur collaborates with Google on artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and cloud computing. He is a Google Adwords and Analytic and Mobile Sites expert.

5. Akhilendra Sahu

Company: ASTNT Technology
Year Founded: 2019
Area of Expertise: Digital Marketing & Web Development

Akhilendra Sahu, an entrepreneur and author, has been declared as the ‘World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneur’ and also awarded the ‘India Young Achievers Award’ in 2019 by the Entrepreneur Live Network. Akhilendra is the CEO and founder of ASTNT Technologies, an IT company and parent organization of multiple other companies founded. Some other companies founded under multiple domains include ASTNT Media, HeyIndia, Technical Next, ASTNT Newswire, ASTNT Hosting, InfinityFame, StartUp99, Scoop Beats Private Limited, and FoodChilli.
Above mentioned are the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs, there are many others that have made the business a significant place for themselves in industry.
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