The Most Effective Credit Restoration In Exitance

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Our professionals will help you... or we can even show you how to do it yourself... for FREE!

Did you know... you can extract $1,000 penalties PAID TO YOU BY YOUR CREDITORS?..

For each and every violation of your rights as a debtor? $1,000 Dollars!

That's just part of the many laws the government has enacted for your protection; laws that we use on your behalf and even teach you... You can actually receive penalties of up $1,000 per each violation of your rights! Rights that include the right to be free of harassment in your workplace, free of phone calls after 8:00 pm and many more!

THERE'S NO ESCAPING IT... We pay for bad credit!

The only question is... do we pay to keep it? or pay to fix it??

Whether renting a house, buying a home, using credit cards, etc... Bad Credit is EXPENSIVE!
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