Key benefits of using BIM Clash Detection with Navisworks

Date6/29/2022 5:32:36 PM
+91 7350255855+91 7350255855
+91 7350255855+91 7350255855
A 3D informational BIM model provides a comprehensive preliminary understanding of building design and functional elements of a BIM construction project from various trades viz. Architectural, Structural, and MEP. Furthermore, the concept of engineering design requires robust communication and collaboration between various project stakeholders. With so many people, processes, and technology involved, the project completion process becomes quite complex.

Why is clash detection important?

Taking it further, owners do face challenges of time, cost, accuracy, precision, efficiency, sustainability, and more. As discussed above, a 3D model is built wherein all the trades are included in a single model.

Now, based on the modeling of so hands and minds, there is a high probability of building objects or members creating clashes.

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