Master Roof Thatchers Services

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It is vital to ensure the maintenance of your thatched roof is up to date, mainly for health and safety reasons. In their lifetime thatched properties will need a thorough re-thatch and here at Mike Bartlett & Sons Thatchers, our experienced team can help with Master Roof Thatchers Services and other repairs you may need throughout the year. We like to make sure that properties with a thatched roof are safe in all weathers. We can expertly restore or extend any building as well as skilfully create a stunning thatched roof which will stand the test of time. We thatch in Reed and all varieties of straw. Contact us today.

Thatchers Folly, Sycamore Green Martin,
Fordingbridge SP6 3LG
Phone : 01725 519 258, 07831 865 302
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