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Date6/30/2022 6:21:36 AM
PriceUSD 2,392.00
Are you looking for Cam Plates and Guards for your FR-S / BRZ then, check out this awesome HKS FA20 Camshaft Set. It is created by the knowledge and experience acquired through D1 drift and time attack at Tsukuba Circuit. Camshaft Kit can be used in Both NA and turbocharged engines. Cam lobe for the direct injection pump is available so the camshaft can be used the same way as the stock. Since the stock valve piston clearance is narrow, this camshaft kit was developed to be used with the capacity upgrade kit.

There are the following parts in this Camshaft Kit:-

1 - Intake Cam Set ( each right and left bank )
1 - Exhaust Cam Set ( each right and left bank )

This Part Fits into the following vehicles:-

2013+ Scion FR-S HKS FA20 Camshaft Set
2013+ Subaru BRZ HKS FA20 Camshaft Set
2013+ Toyota GT-86 HKS FA20 Camshaft Set

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Mileage25 miles
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