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Date7/1/2022 2:54:02 PM
PriceRs 79,000.00
ONESTEP GROW is an authorized education institute whose mission shares the vision of every individual and organization for digital transformation. Digital transformation can enable us to be smarter and more accurate, so our vision is to bring complete digital transformation in the workplace. In order to accomplish this, we work to develop skill sets in students and professionals in current technologies.
1stepGrow provides 100% live training in Data Science course:
Advance Data Science & AI course in Bangalore
- This course includes 400 hours of extensive live training with 25+ projects and 5+ capstone project.
- This course offers live training on 20+ advanced tools and concepts related to data science including 100% live training on tools & concepts such as Python Programming, Advance Python Concepts, Python For Data Science, Python for Data Visualization, Statistics for Data Science, Machine Learning, Time Series Analysis, ARIMA, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, Git & GitHub, SQL, MongoDB, HBase, AWS, GCP, Azure Cloud Computing, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Teradata, Azure Datalake, Advanced Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Agile & Scrum etc.
- You will also receive IBM certification for Data Science, and a project completion certificate directly from companies that proves your practical knowledge.
- You shall receive an extended subscription of 3 years that allows you to revise, revisit the concepts & tools related to data science in live online training.
- Prepare with real-time live professional projects.
- Master Data Science, ML & AI with real work-experience.
- Crack interviews and work with top data science companies.
We ensure that our students are trained with a practical approach so as to ensure real transformation of society. Technological advancements and their application require each individual to grow with time.
1stepGrow provides trainings ranging from Data Science & AI, Digital Marketing to Data Analytics that helps the students pave their way for a smooth transition in advanced technology based jobs.
The courses offered by 1stepGrow include various advance topics including Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, LSTM, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, Power BI, Tableau, R Programming, Python programming language, Big Data, Apache Spark, Azure Data Lake, AWS, GCP, Azure Cloud Computing, Agile & Scrum, SQL, etc for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence course in Bangalore to Data Analytics Course. The Digital Marketing course does not only comprise of digital marketing tools but it includes the transition between traditional and digital marketing.
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