What is the need for cloud computing?

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Nowadays companies’ and startups’ growth is directly proportional to their speed, uptime, security, handling of the data, and money that is spent on advertisement. All these things require money. If you cannot do all these things, then you will not able to survive. So how could handle all these things and save money at the same time? The answer is cloud.
So before we drive into the benefits and needs of the cloud, we should know what is a cloud? A cloud is nothing but a network of servers acting like the one whole servers which are provided and managed by the cloud service provider, that anyone (who has purchased the subscription) can access with a good internet connection. The most famous cloud providers are AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure (Microsoft), and google.
Now the benefits of the cloud
For example, there is an entrepreneur, who is about to launch an app but before launching it he has to do so many things
1. He can build his own server,
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