How do I protect my furnitures in the rainy season

Date7/5/2022 2:24:38 PM
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How to take care of walls & furnitures during the rainy season
Just like our body needs a little extra care during the rainy season, our home also requires preparations and changes to deal with the monsoon season.

We are not only talking about wet walls but a bad smell in the room, around the furniture, clothes, and mattress. While this odour seems to leave the family members feeling unpleasant, the mugginess, on the other hand, makes the walls weak, iron objects rusty, and much more. If the issue escalates too much, it can be an expensive affair to fix this moisture. Therefore, it is best to take precautions well in advance.

6 Monsoon Care Tips that protect your home walls & furniture during the rainy season
1: Apply a coat of lacquer or varnish at least once a year to fill the cracks and increase their longevity
2: You should avoid opening the windows while it's raining
3: Look for signs of leakages and seal if any
4: Use energy-efficient, low emissions heaters to keep it dry
5: Start with vacuum cleaning for wooden furniture
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