Realtime Ecommerce Personalization Shopping Experience-UNBXD

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Date7/20/2022 5:02:54 PM
PriceUSD 1.00
Ecommerce personalization by Unbxd will help your organisation generate more revenue while also improving the shopping experience for customers. If a consumer is happy with their visit to your online store and discovers exactly what they're looking for, it will boost customer loyalty and make your business profitable for a very long time!
By learning from 200+ signals in real-time, Unbxd AI models produce personalized shopping experience along with unique search-discovery experiences for each shopper. To better understand shopper intent, Unbxd AI algorithms examine each shopper's demographics, browsing habits, recent purchases, and affinities. These evaluations then dynamically curate results to highlight the products that the shoppers are most likely to purchase.
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