RDSR3-BA-09 Electronic Boom Angle Indicator - Rieker Inc.

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Date7/11/2022 2:59:24 PM
PriceUSD 1,094.00
(610) 500-2000(610) 500-2000
Rieker’s Digital Boom Angle Indicator Remote Inclinometer Package (model RDSR3-BA-09) is an extension of the RDI series of digital inclinometers.

Like the 4120, our electronic boom angle indicator is sealed in a rugged case that protects the sensor components from harsh environments. The RDSR3 is supplied as a calibrated set featuring an environmentally sealed measurement sensor package and a separate LCD display box (connected by an interface available in various lengths). All of the standard RDI features have been incorporated into this remote sensing package, modified specifically to comply with OSHA and other safety regulatory agencies specifications for Boom Angle Indicators.
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