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Date7/25/2022 2:04:06 PM
Substance abuse is a major issue in the workplace and it has been a problem for decades. The (RTD) return to duty process is a way of helping people with substance abuse issues get back on their feet and start working again.
The SAP return to duty process near me is a strategy that helps people who have had an addiction or dependency problem to get back into the workforce. It usually involves counselling, rehabilitation, and supervision by a specialist in order to ensure that the individual does not relapse.
Substance abuse professionals are often required to undergo a SAP return to duty process Georgia in order to work with clients who have a history of substance abuse.
The return-to-duty process is a series of steps that may include:
1) Attending an intensive outpatient program,
2) Participating in self-help groups,
3) Undergoing regular drug testing, and
4) Participating in individual counseling sessions.
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