Pistanthrophobia The Irrational Fear of Trusting Others

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A phobia is a form of anxiety illness characterized by excessive, persistent, and illogical dread of a certain thing or person, activity, environment, animal, or object. A person with a phobia will frequently avoid the triggering person, item, or action at all costs even when there isn't any actual harm or risk. No matter what kind of phobia a person has, it can interfere with daily life, harm relationships, restrict their capacity to work, and lower their self-esteem. Pistanthrophobia has received little specialized research. Instead, it is seen as a specific phobia—a special phobia associated with a particular circumstance or object. Particular phobias are fairly prevalent. Healthline reports that the National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 12.5% of Americans will go through a specific phobia during their lives.
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