Date7/29/2022 8:31:49 AM
ISO / IEC 27001 :
Information Security Management System (ISMS) :

ISO standard audits in accordance with various scopes are conducted by organizations habitually. The standards enabling to secure and store any digital information are cited in 27001:2013, encouraging your organization to manage data pertaining to intellectual property, financial information, client information, employee records, etc. Also ensures a sustainability of processes, policies and several information security risk measures.

Phases of an effective audit :

Initiating the process by - Identifying the areas of focus along with documentation reviews (prior info sec audits conducted). Conceiving an audit plan specific to the client’s scope of business.

Preparation involves a workable audit plan including the timing, required resources, charts / illustrations, checkpoints, laying boundaries specific to the required information concerned with the audit.

Execution of the audit through gathering relevant information (system / network data, printouts, policy documentations, interviews with team members, etc) onsite. "Also involves gap analysis during specific audits".

The entire gathered information is categorized individually and validated for its authenticity. Also identifying pain points in the system and assessing the requirement of further evaluation.

Reporting - the most imperative aspect of an audit, this essentially contains

• A brief mention about the entire scope, objective, resources involved, and time taken for the entire exercise.
• limpse upon the key findings and their scope in audit.
• Detailed analytical description about the technical findings obtained from the audit.
• Conclusions and future recommendations.
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