Coconut Safety Nets Bangalore

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Date7/29/2022 12:03:50 PM
PriceUSD 560,036.00

Prestige Safety Nets Bangalore is a company that provides safety nets for coconut trees.The company specializes in the supply and installation of safety nets for coconut trees. They also offer specialized services such as repairs, maintenance, and replacements.These nets provide protection from heavy winds and storms, which can cause major damage to the tree. These nets also protect the coconuts from falling on the ground, which can cause them to rot quickly and lead to a loss of income for farmers.A coconut safety net is made up of two ropes that form an X shape. One of these ropes is attached to a pole at one end and hangs down on one side of the tree while another rope hangs down on the other side of it. The bottom ends of both ropes should meet at ground

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Balcony Safety Nets
Construction Safety Nets
Children Safety Nets
Swimming Pool Nets
Coconut Safety Nets
Cricket Practice Nets
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address: D No 72, 2nd cross, Bethel Nagar,KR Puram, Bangalore 560036, Karnataka, India +91 9108974473
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