Activated alumina balls manufacturers in India

Date2/10/2024 11:10:58 AM
Activated Alumina is an effective type of adsorbent and desiccant used in several applications to remove moisture and purify products.
It is a highly porous form of aluminium oxide that works effectively in various conditions. The desiccant is appreciated for its high adsorption capacity and powerful crushing strength. Such a type of desiccant is highly resistant to the thermal stock and any abrasion; therefore, it can be used in various applications for dehydration, separation, and purification of liquids and gases. Activated Alumina will never disintegrate, shrink or swell when engrossed in water.
The features such as adsorption, surface area, pore size, and mechanical strength play a significant role in making this desiccant an ideal choice for several industrial applications. Also, activated Alumina has a higher capacity for water at high temperatures than silica gel.
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