Black Screen/White Screen in Keeper Password Manager [Fixed]

It is among the most prevalent issues with the Android operating system. Normally, when you launch an app, you will observe a brief period of black screen time before the app crashes, either with or without an error notice. There are not many solutions to this issue.
1. The majority of the time, the problem may be a temporary loading one. Simply touch your phone's first left button to access the recent applications menu. The problematic app is then closed. Reopen the app now. It might operate normally.
2. In your Android smartphone, try a hard reboot. The "Home" and "Power" buttons should be pressed and held down simultaneously for up to 10 seconds. Release the buttons after that, and continue to hold down "Power" until the screen illuminates. You can now try opening the app; it might function properly.
3. If none of the aforementioned options work, you can wait until your phone's battery runs out and it shuts off on its own. After that, charge it and then turn the device on. After this, it might function.
4. In case nothing else works, you might need to uninstall the software and reinstall it. As soon as you reinstall and log into the app, Android typically restores all settings. See if that resolves the issue.
5. The re-install step also fails in a few unusual instances. Try installing earlier versions of the programme if that applies to you.

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