Recover faster from back pain with Northern Arizona Physical

Date8/18/2022 2:58:51 PM
(928) 440 - 6880(928) 440 - 6880
(928) 440 - 6880(928) 440 - 6880
Do you find yourself waking up with back pain? Visit your local clinic as soon as possible for the best treatment. Northern Arizona Physical Therapy Associates can help you if you live in Kingman, Arizona. While these problems are excruciatingly painful and sad to cope with, back pain is easily treatable with physical therapy. Based on your diagnosis, our physical therapists will create a personalized therapy plan for you. The initial stages of your physical therapy treatment plan will be focused on providing immediate pain alleviation. Following that, our physical therapist will broaden your treatment to include strengthening your core muscle group with therapeutic exercises and stretching. This helps to enhance your strength and range of motion, preventing re-injury to your spine. Talk with our physical therapist at (928) 440 - 6880 to know more.
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