Alien Abduction First Phase The Funnel Full HD 1080p

Date8/25/2022 9:50:15 PM
Warning What You're About To See Might Be Disturbing
For Immediate Public Release Control Has Confirmed Reports Of An Ungoing Alien Abduction Cloaked As What Appears To Be A Perfectly Orchestrated Abduction By A Highly Advanced Robotic Extraterrestrial Entities.
They Are Manipulating The Weather And Are Using Under Cloak The Storm Clouds To Hide There Abduction Apparatus.
In The Video Obtained By Special Forces At The Scene It Can Be Observed The Highly Sophisticated Technics Of Cloaked Ship Apparatus And "The Funnel" Which According To High Ranking Officials It Is Used To Vaccum Into Their Ships Unsuspecting Humans.
The Sounds Were Horrible And Most Military Personnel Had To Undergo Post Trauma Counseling. The Sounds; First Like A Processing Machinery AND Secondly Like A Horn Dug Deep Into The Emmotional Well Being Of The Soldiers In The Field.
This Event Which The Location Has Been Deemed Reserved.
Prompted An Emergency Broadcast And Subsequently An Em
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