100% Natural Liquid Sugar - Naked Syrups

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Date8/30/2022 10:35:34 AM
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Naked Syrups' liquid sugar is a perfect companion for beverages— whether it's a cold or hot drink. It dissolves instantly when in contact with your beverage and enhances its flavour with its naturally rich molasses flavor. This liquified sugar concentrate provides a similar and unique turbinado sugar taste from cute brown packets— now turned into liquid form.

A simple syrup made from dissolving granulated sugar in water. This is a pure, sweet taste without taints or off-notes. Generally added to ice creams, soft drinks, or jams.

Here are more descriptions of our product:
Made out of a high-grade African cocoa
Vegan-Australia Certified
For hot or cold beverages
No refrigeration necessary

To experience an upgrade from your simple drink, twist the cap and give it a generous pour. Every drop is making your refreshment gets better. Naturally, because life's in Naked Syrups. Try all of our scrumptious products. For inquires, please call at 02 8711 3660
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