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Date8/30/2022 3:36:51 PM
Best Kilo Sale In UK

The UK’s favorite ‘buy by weight’ vintage kilo sale, they sell a whole host of vintage clothing that are bound to prove a hit for shoppers at the Thrift Factory.

Thrift Factory is one of the biggest Vintage sellers in London, Thrift Factory Sells the clothes, shoes, & Handbags for £10 per KILO. Thrift Factory Kilo offers their precious customers the 500+ branded clothes and the clothes which are new with a tag for £10 Kilo Sale. Thrift factory didn’t compromise on the price just like other who sell branded clothes in different price tag clothes with different price Thrift Factory sell all the things with the same price of £10 per kilo, Customers don’t need to pay more branded clothes and the new clothes with tag, these all are for £10 per KILO.

Thrift Factory Kilo Sale offers a sustainable and affordable way of shopping for clothes, with the main ethos of the brand being living sustainably and believing in using the clothes of the past to protect the future.

At KILO we believe that style is eternal, and your clothes should be too! By shopping from the past, we can be kind to the future and help to reduce fashion's impact on the planet. Each yard, 350,000 tons of clothing goes to landfill in the UK. There's so much amazing fashion already in existence - so let's make use of what we've got and shop second hand.

Top 10 reasons People love secondhand clothes:

Saves money
It is good for the planet.
Support a good cause.
Better quality clothes last longer.
Proven quality.
Easy to create a unique and personal style.
Encourages home-sewing and creativeness.
Easy and relaxed shopping experience.
Selling clothes can generate income.
The hunt for clothes can be a fun outing.
Work, Rest & Play outfits are a perfect way to show how one item can be used for different events or styles. So when you are purchasing something second hand or even new you can imagine different ways you can use this item in your wardrobe. This will hopefully mean that investment items will gain their cost per wear and also look super chic in all different ways. See how we style our chosen item each time to give you some ideas for your own wardrobe, or if you spot anything you love contact us to purchase. This time we used a Black Ted Baker top see how we styled them for Work, Rest & Play!
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