Fishing lures and Baits

Big Lures catch big fish,and we have them like our 10” Multi Jointed Swimbaits. These wavy,undulating motion runners come in realistic natural colorings of Rainbow Trout, Silver Shad and Stiper “Schoolie”. Also ready for action is our 7” Jointed Glide Baits in Shad Silver and White. Take a look at our other baits including Crankbaits, Top Water, Jerk/Minnows and Hollow Body Frogs. We have a variety of boxed kits including our 1” Mini Crankbaits that come 5 lures in its own tackle box.
We are all Anglers here so offering our products Angler to Angler we keep quality high and prices very low.
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Todays special pricing:
10” Multi Jointed Swimbait $19
7” Jointed Glide Bait $9.99
1” Mini Crankbaits 5pcs per tackle box. $7.99
Our other products discounted similarly.
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