iPhone X Non PTA Price in Pakistan

Date9/2/2022 6:19:19 AM
PriceRs 53,000.00
The phone market we are going to talk about today is the iPhone X Non PTA mobile, whose market is very high and this mobile is sold a lot in Pakistan. iPhone mobiles will be easily available to you from any local market, but you should also have the knowledge of mobiles and the skill to find faults. By the way, shopkeepers sell such mobiles less, but still, many such faults do not even pass through the shopkeeper's eyes and the victim becomes a customer. And calculate the price of such mobiles in the market so that you are not cheated, and you can buy a good phone at a reasonable price. Ever since the Government of Pakistan imposed a tax on mobile phones coming from abroad on behalf of PTA, the price of these mobiles has doubled, which has become beyond the reach of the common man. Bypassing PTA, a patch system has also emerged, from which people are making the phone easily usable by getting the patch approved at a very low price. If you want complete information in this regard, then this article will be very useful.
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